Ghost Recon: Phantoms - Squad Starter Pack PREMIUM KEY
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Ghost Recon: Phantoms - Squad Starter Pack PREMIUM KEY REGION FREE
The Tom Clancy Ghost Recon: Phatoms Squad Starter Pack provides these in-game rewards:

★ PP2000
★ Sentinel SR-1
★ Heavy Tac. Suit I
★ Light Tac. Suit I

20 years from now, battlefield supremacy is dictated by technology, where those who can afford an army of augmented soldiers prevail.

In a world driven by economic interests, the ATHENA Corp. has begun selling its weapons and technology to rogue factions.

Ghost Recon fights to protect order and peace, but now faces its former brothers, the Phantoms, who wage war against a system they no longer serve.

Pick from three Classes: Assault, Support or Recon to suit your play-style; each with unique Abilities to gain the upper hand against your enemies. Develop your character as you level up and unlock new equipment.

Engage in fierce 16-player firefights with your fellow Ghosts, friends and clan mates. Playing together is easy with the fireteam feature and intuitive squad systems. Join or create your own clan to get in on the competitive action, where victory goes to the most coordinated team.
Start off your GRP experience with all the weapons and tactical gear ammo you’ll need for any class in GRP. With submachine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns and assault rifles from the Rainbow Six cross-over, you’ll be equipped for any play style.
In order to activate Ghost Recon Phantoms Code:
Download Ghost Recon Phantoms OR STEAM
Register and login via the launcher and click on “START GAME”
Click on the "STORE" from the game lobby.
Select "REDEEM COUPON" and enter your coupon code.
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